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I have a commercial. Now what?

Updated: May 27, 2020

Customers racing to your door.

I made a commercial for a local/regional company. A really smart, hyper-energetic lady running it, really really good at what she does. Really the best at what she does. Expanding like crazy. So I made her a commercial, with both footage shot during live events and also staged, and it turned out great.

And no one saw it.

See she was so good at what she did, and had so many irons in the fire, she didn't think about what to do with the spot when it was done. And sure, she could go to a TV station, or radio station or the like and they'd play it and it might work and it might not. She needed an ally in the media buying field.

Which was where I came in. I'd worked for the studios as a publicist and promoter for nearly 20 years, and if I learned anything during that time it was how to get your message or story out there for free.

Yes I can help a client navigate media buys. That's easy. But I can also show you how to get your stuff out so that it might go viral. (And never, ever, EVER believe a company that tells you that they can make your video go viral. It's always a gamble with no guarantees.)

What I can do is this - I can tell you what's hot right now, what's worked in the past, and better yet, I can probably give you a crazy idea that no one has thought of yet.

(And then tell you how to get it in front of the media so they think it's their idea!)

Check out my marketing stunt, below. To promote a (pretty average) cowboy flick called AMERICAN OUTLAWS years ago, I talked the local drive-in into letting anyone that came to the advance screening on horseback in for free. And you had to watch the film from your horse. Three of the four local TV stations covered it live, as did the local newspaper. Home run and my client, Warner Bros., was very, very happy!

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